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Turn your agility dogs into champions with AgiPad, a running contact training mat that measures and improves your dog’s performance.

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AgiPad by JayPets is the most sensitive running contacts mat on the market. It is an electronic device that can be strategically attached to dogwalks, and used to improve your dog’s competitive speed and accuracy.


When you attach AgiPad to a dogwalk, it recognises the most subtle paw touch with 100% accuracy, regardless of whether your dog is a St. Bernard, a Collie or a Chihuahua.

It is based on unique sensitive capacitive principle, unlike the less reliable pressure solution of conventional running contacts mats.

AgiPad is guaranteed to detect touches in its entire area, including touches on the edge of the pad. As soon as your dog touches the pad, the touch is immediately reported via a simple tone with an adjustable volume, allowing you to know for certain that your dog has hit its mark.


AgiPad comes in three sizes, all of them with a 5mm thickness, and is made of rubber with a non-slip surface. The pads can easily be buckled to dogwalks without your dog knowing that they’re there. When training is over, the pads can be rolled up, stored and carried in a durable travelling case.

AgiPad S

Length/width - 45cm / 30cm
Thickness - 5mm 

Material - rubber

Surface - Anti-slip

Colour - black

Fastening - Straps with metal buckles
Weight - 1054g

Response time max.50ms

Power: 3xAA
Adjustable volume